Monday, June 22, 2009

BQuick Speed Camp to be held on June 27th

BQuick Athletic Development is proud to announce a 1 day Speed Camp

Where: The camp will be held at the Madisonville Rec Field on Pine St. (2 blocks south of Badeaux's in Madisonville, on the right hand side)

When: June 27, 2009, From 9am-12pm.

Ages: 6 and up

Description: This camp will focus on the basics of speed and performance enhancement, movement training and proper form and technique as it relates to sprinting and changing direction.
The camp will begin with dynamic flexibility (flexibility in motion) and speed drills, which are the foundation of the remaining training techniques that will also be taught at the camp. These training techniques include, plyometrics, neuromuscular training to assist in kinesthetic awareness and proprioception (knowing where their growing bodies are in space), speed drills and fitness games to improve efficiency of movement in any and all directions. We will finish with static flexibility, core work, and will also speak to the kids about proper nutrition and fueling their bodies properly.

Things to Bring: water/sports drink, snack, cleats/tennis shoes, change of clothes, and a positive attitude!

Cost: $25 by June 13, $35 after June 13, walk up registration welcome.

Registration Form for BQuick Speed Camp

Monday, March 30, 2009


There are plenty of people in this world who wish they were blessed with the ability that we all have, as well as the passion, heart, determination, desire, and focus. Some are blind, some paralyzed, some who have degenerative diseases. Realizing this, what we get to do is and will always be a blessing. Live every moment like it was your last. If you left this earth tomorrow, what would you want people to say about you? "he/she was going to do the Ironman, but the training was too much", or "he/she pushed so hard and worked their behind off to realize their dream, at least they always gave 100% and went down with a fight, kicking a screaming". Who do you want to be? There will always be adversity in life: in our personal lives as well as training. It's how we respond to that adversity that makes us who we are, and helps us realize who we were called to be on this earth. Happy training, get your behind out there and finish, and when you look in the mirror at night you can look at yourself and be proud, knowing that you gave your heart and soul, along with everything else you have to realize your goals and dreams as well as helping others to realize the same thing in themselves, we all feed off of one another! TRAIN HARD AND SMART!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Health in its many forms and TOTAL HEALTH....

In order to understand total health, we need to understand all of its components. There are several types of health that make up the overall healthy person as a whole. They include: metal health, emotional health, spiritual health, and physical health. All of these factors affect and can affect the other. Think about the physiological effects on the body from a single thought! Our heart rate can go up, breathing rate can increase and change, or if it's a relaxing thought, our heart rates and blood pressure may drop. It is important to keep all of these things in perspective when analyzing where your total health is at this point. Just step back and say: where am I emotionally right now? mentally? spiritually? physically? What you do or don't do in each one of these will effect the other.


Fiji Water and Electrolytes

Fiji water actually has a nice amount of two very important electrolytes: calcium and magnesium. Remember, calcium controls musculature contraction (among many other vital functions of the body), and magnesium controls muscular release (among many other vital functions of the body). Fiji also has several other vitamins and minerals in it. We hear a lot about women needing calcium and magnesium, but men need just as much! So, beside Fiji's great, crisp, clean taste, it provides some essential electrolytes, vitamins and minerals! Enjoy a great Fiji water today!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Women's Health Magazine talks abouts the importance of Metabolic Testing

Numbers You Can Trust
For a foxy figure faster, count on these weight-loss formulas
Blake Miller

We don't know who coined the phrase "Numbers don't lie," but we'll bet they never counted a calorie. And if you've ever tried using math to manage the digits on your bathroom scale, you know that most diet equations don't add up. We wondered whether any of the roughly 338,000 Google hits for "weight loss formula" can actually help you look good in that black latex cat suit this Halloween. Here's the lowdown on three basics:

Daily Caloric Requirement (DCR)

Translation The math is pretty simple: Eat 500 fewer calories a day than your body requires and you'll drop a pound a week. But most online calculators (and even the pen-and-paper variety) are only 82 percent accurate (even less so if you're obese, sick, or an ethnic minority), according to the American Dietetic Association. And, says Mary Hartley, a registered nutritionist for, the results can be flawed because the equation isn't tailored to the individual and because many people misjudge their fitness level. Plus, if you lose 10 pounds or more, you'll have to do the math again.

Salvation Let sites like,, or do the work for you. All factor in activity level and are backed by health pros.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

Translation While DCR calculates calorie input (how much you need to eat), the Resting Metabolic Rate tabulates calorie output (how much you burn doing absolutely nothing). Unfortunately, the ADA says the accuracy of these formulas is 45 to 80 percent (and again, they're less accurate if you're obese).

Salvation Skip the formula and get tested by a pro; you can do this at many gyms (members pay about $50). You'll have to sit and breathe into a scubalike plastic tube while a computer records how much oxygen you inhale and how much carbon dioxide you exhale. After 12 minutes of fun, you get a printout showing you (with 95 percent accuracy) how much you burn at rest and how many cals you can consume and still ditch your saddlebags.

VO2 Max

Translation This test, often used by athletes who train for grueling events, can also be useful for noncompetitors looking to lose weight, because the result helps pinpoint a target heart rate for fat burn. The formula is nearly 100 percent accurate, as long as you don't flub the test, which requires you to run or bike at top speed, typically for 12 to 14 minutes, while wearing a gas-mask-like apparatus that measures your oxygen intake. An ill-fitting mask (it should seal around your mouth) or not reaching your peak speed on the treadmill can skew the results.

Salvation Search at vo2max for places that provide the test, which costs about $120. The test will tell you the amount of calories you burn in different heart-rate zones. Once you get your results, invest in a heart rate monitor--either one that straps around your chest (the most effective) or a watch (like the MioMotiva)--to keep tabs on your ticker as you work out within your ideal fat-blasting range.

For more information about Metabolic Testing or to schedule a test please feel free to contact me.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Beautiful Day!

If you are reading this then that means that you were blessed to wake up and take a breath. When you look outside and feel the weather, you'll then realize that you were blessed with a beautiful day to enjoy since you are alive and well! Go out and take a walk, a bike ride, shoot some hoops, kick a soccer ball, run, swim, or anything you'd like to enjoy this amazing day while being active (which will only help you to enjoy the day more because of a flood of endorphins!).